Frequent question: How do I set up a foreign company in Thailand?

How do I register a foreign company in Thailand?

5 Easy steps to register your foreign company in Thailand

  1. Step 1: Company Name Reservation. One should come up with a unique name for the company. …
  2. Step2: Filing of Memorandum of Association. …
  3. Step3: A Statutory Meeting to be convened. …
  4. Step4: Company Registration. …
  5. Step5: Tax Registration.

Can foreigners start a company in Thailand?

This means that foreigners can only own up to 49% of a Thai company. The 49% limit for certain business activities can be exceeded or exempted if a Foreign Business License is granted. A Foreign Business License is generally granted to foreign-owned businesses that are unique and do not compete with Thai businesses.

How much does it cost to set up a company in Thailand?

As it currently stands, the minimum capital requirement for a Thai majority shareholder company (limited) is 2 million Baht, with a government set up fee of roughly 7,000 Baht. If you have a Thai spouse, this requirement is reduced to 1 million Baht.

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How do I set up a limited company in Thailand?

How To Set Up A Thai Limited Company


How long does it take to incorporate a company in Thailand?

Companies in Thailand have to be registered with the Department of Business Development, Ministry of Commerce. Registering a company takes around seven days for a private company and up to 30 days for a public company.

How do I register an online business in Thailand?

To register, the following documents are required to submit to the Department of Business Development (DBD).

  1. Application for E-commerce Registration (Tor. Por. …
  2. ID card or Passport of the applicant. For an individual – ID card or passport. …
  3. A power of attorney (If any)
  4. A clarification letter (In case of late registration)

Can I set up a business in Thailand?

If you want to start a business in Thailand, you can set up your business in a number of ways. If you have an international business, you may wish to set up a Thai branch office, Thai representative office or Thai regional office to take advantage of local business opportunities and possible tax advantages.

Can I buy a business in Thailand?

Even the Thai government would welcome the building of new businesses to earn income and to contribute to the Thai economy. Under normal circumstances, comparing to Western standards however, a foreigner cannot truly own a business in Thailand to a 100%, extent.

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What is the Foreign Business Act Thailand?

Under the Foreign Business Act ( FBA ) foreigners are prohibited from engaging in most business categories in Thailand, unless an alien business operation permit has been obtained from the Director-General of the Department of Commercial Registration with the approval of the Foreign Business Committee.

Can a non citizen own property in Thailand?

Generally, foreigners are not allowed to directly purchase land in Thailand. Simply put, Thai laws prohibit foreigners from owning land in their own name, although theoretically there is an exception but it is yet to be seen in practice.

Where can I register my business in Thailand?

A company that has one or more employees must register at the Social Security Office within 30 days of hiring its first employee. Foreigners who are legally working in Thailand must also register with the Social Security Office and are entitled to the same benefits as Thai employees.

Can I be self employed in Thailand?

You can’t simply sign up as being self-employed like you would back home. And in any case, the majority of online workers are registered as self-employed back home. The reality is that the moment you conduct any type of work online in Thailand, you are technically breaking the law.

How do I register a startup in Thailand?

The Steps of Forming and Registering a Company in Thailand

  1. Step 1: Reservation of corporate name: …
  2. Step 2: Filing of Association Memorandum: …
  3. Step 3: Summon for a Statutory meeting: …
  4. Step 4: Registration: …
  5. Step 5: Tax Registration:

How do I incorporate in Thailand?

Company Incorporation Step by Step: Thailand

  1. Minimum Setup Requirements to Register a Company in Thailand.
  2. Registration Timeline.
  3. Step 1: Reserve a Company Name.
  4. Step 2: File a Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  5. Step 3: Convene a Statutory Meeting.
  6. Step 4: Company Registration.
  7. Step 5: Tax and Value added Tax (VAT) Registration.
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