Frequent question: Can a Thai national visit Spain?

Spain is one of the countries belonging to the Schengen area. For the purposes of travelling to Spain, Thai nationals must obtain a Schengen (tourist) visa.

Can Thai travel to Spain now?

Who can travel to Spain?: Only certain categories of travelers from Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar are allowed to enter Spain without being vaccinated against covid-19: Spaniards and EU citizens, in any case. Duly registered family members of Spaniards and EU citizens.

Can Thai nationals travel to Europe?

Do Thai nationals need a Schengen Visa to enter Europe? Thai passport holders need to apply for a Schengen Visa in order to enter any of the Schengen Area countries.

Does my Thai wife need a visa for Spain?

Thais are among the other nationals who are required to apply for a tourist visa to be able to enter Spain for a holiday.

How long can a Thai national stay in Spain?

Short term visas (“Schengen visas”) allow the holder to for stay stays in the Schengen Area of for no more than three months (90 days) in a period of six months (180 days) from the date of entry into the Schengen Area .

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Can we go to Thailand now?

On November 1, Thailand began allowing vaccinated international travelers who have resided in one of 63 countries and territories for at least 21 days to enter without having to enter into a lengthy quarantine. … Travelers who have not been fully vaccinated are required to quarantine in an approved hotel for 10 days.

Can Lao People travel to Thailand?

Currently, Siam Legal visa services do not cover the local citizens and permanent residents of Laos. Please note that you must be in possession of the following if you wish to visit Thailand: A valid passport. You will need a passport valid for at least 6 months following your departure date.

Do Thai nationals need a visa for Spain?

Spain is one of the countries belonging to the Schengen area. For the purposes of travelling to Spain, Thai nationals must obtain a Schengen (tourist) visa.

Can a Thai national visit the UK?

As a Thai citizen, you must obtain a UK Standard Visitor Visa. … To do so, you must go to the nearest British embassy. However, if you want things to run a little bit smoother, you can use iVisa’s services and take one less trip to the embassy.

Can Thais go to Greece?

Greece is closed for travel. Most visitors from Thailand will not be allowed to travel to Greece. No quarantine is required. Find travel restrictions, quarantine and entry requirements to travel Greece.

Can I live in Spain after Brexit?

Britain and Spain have mutually agreed that their citizens can stay living in each other’s countries post-Brexit, however, it is important that the correct application process be undertaken to obtain legal permission. The Spanish government have produced a document giving more information about residency post-Brexit.

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Can I move to Spain if my husband is Spanish?

Obtaining Spanish citizenship by marriage is possible. You get citizenship rights, a passport, and the option to maintain permanent residency if you lived in Spain. … The Spanish Civil Code is set up to allow one to vote in Spanish elections, to move freely around the country, and even to work within the EU.

How long can you stay in Spain after Brexit?

Now that Brexit has left the European Union, British citizens no longer hold the automatic right to residence in Spain. UK citizens in Spain will be able to remain for a period of 3 months at a time, staying longer than this will require a visa.

Can you enter Spain Covid?

U.S. citizens entering Spain on essential travel (such as residents, students or workers) must show either proof of vaccination, a negative COVID test, or a certificate of recovery.

How can I get Schengen visa from Thailand?

What do I need to do? You must submit a passport or other travel document issued within the last 10 years. This must have at least 2 blank pages and be valid for at least another 3 months after the date you intend to leave the Schengen area. You must submit a completed and signed visa application form.