Does Thailand have a primate city?

Bangkok, perhaps more than any other major world metropolis, represents a primate city. It is forty times larger than Chiang Mai, Thailand’s second largest city, and dominates Thai political, economic, and intellectual life. Bangkok is simultaneously Thailand’s castle, market, and temple.

Is Thailand a primate city?

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has been called “the most primate city on Earth”, being roughly thirty-five times larger than Thailand’s second-largest city of Chiang Mai.

Why is Thailand a primate city?

Bangkok has been held up as an example of the archetypal primate city, that is, the type of cities dominating the urban hierarchy in developing countries. The best infrastructure together with economic growth and development have been concentrated in Bangkok.

Does Indonesia have a primate city?

Jakarta, Indonesia’s primate city and the world’s second largest urban agglomeration, is undergoing a deep transformation.

How many primate cities are there?

According to the definition of a primate city as three times larger than its next largest counterpart, 31 of the 50 cities studied were deemed ‘primate cities’. Of these 31 cities, 11 are in Africa, 12 are in Asia, 4 are in Europe, 1 is in North America, and 3 are in South America.

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Do all countries have a primate city?

Primate Cities Around the Globe

However, not all countries have primate cities. The United States, China, Germany, Canada, India, South Africa, and Brazil, are among large economies without such cities.

What is a primate city in a country?

A primate city is the dominant city among a country’s urban areas. … Geographer Mark Jefferson coined the term in the 1930s and defined a primate city as one that is twice as large as the next largest city in the urban hierarchy of a country and twice as significant economically.

Is Barcelona a primate city?

Significantly, Barcelona is also the capital of Catalonia, a region ardently seeking greater autonomy or even independence. Two other European countries depicted on the Wikipedia map as lacking a primate city are Poland and Lithuania.

Is Cairo a primate city?

Cairo is a “primate city” and has maintained its urban domi- nance over the last few decades. … The population of Cairo is characterised by its youth. Over 33 per cent of the population of Greater Cairo is under 15 years of age (versus 37.6 per cent nationally).

Does Germany have a primate city?

Not all countries of the world have a primate city. Germany’s largest city is Berlin, which is roughly twice as large as Hamburg and Munich and was once the country’s primate city. In recent years, however, Munich has increasingly become Germany’s cultural center. The region is also home to several megacities.

Is Shanghai a primate city?

As in Asia, Shanghai falls in the 95% of the confidence interval of the fitted line of the relation between the population of a country and that of its primate city. This means Shanghai is the primate city of China, and its population size is not “too big” as most people think.

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Is Dublin a primate city?

Dublin is a primate city, this means that it has more than twice the population of the next largest city in the state. Throughout history Dublin had expanded significantly. This process is known as Urbanisation.

Is Mumbai a primate city?

India has no such primate city in national level but metropolitan cities like Kolkata , Chennai , Delhi , Mumbai are the major towns in India have their dominant influence in our countries economic, social and cultural affairs, but primacy prevail in regional level ( states level) , after analysis the data of 29 states …

Is Kuala Lumpur a primate city?

London and Paris are two best examples of primate city. A large number of primate cities of the world are generally the national capital city of that country, e.g. Kuala Lumpur, Mexico City, Lima, Seoul, Vienna, Budapest, Sao Paulo and Tokyo.

Is San Francisco a primate city?

Characteristics of Primary Cities

However, not every country has a primate city, as you’ll see from the list below. … For example, California’s primate city is Los Angeles, with a metropolitan area population of 16 million, which is more than double the San Francisco metropolitan area of 7 million.

What makes the largest city in a country a primate city?

It refers to a city that is greater than two times the next largest city in a ​nation (or contains over one-third of a nation’s population). The primate city is usually very expressive of the national culture and often the capital city.