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We would like to extent a warm welcome to the Muang Sing and thank you for choosing our service, Muang Sing is a mountainous district located in the north-west of Luang Namtha Province bordering with Myanmar and China. Muang Sing is a traditional Tai Lu, Tai Neua and Akha cultural nexus, as well as a trade center for Tai Dam, Hmong, Mien and Lolo. There are over nine ethnic minority groups in the District. Two groups dominate the District population: Tai Lu comprising about 30% of the total (mostly in town and adjacent plains) and Akha around 45% (In the surrounding hills). Most people in Muang Sing live in small rural villages and practice agriculture as their main occupation.

Half of the District’s land area is the Nam Ha National Protected Area, well known for a range of ecotourism activities. Due to its mountainous terrain, the weather here can get quite cool, with temperatures generally not topping 30 degree Celsius in the hot season (March-April) and dropping to as low as 0 degree Celsius in December-January. During May-October, the southwestern monsoon brings the annual rains and marks the beginning of the new agricultural cycle.

For the Phou Iu Guest House and Restaurant was built 2003, the first just 10 room, 2007 we try to improve the old one and make a new one, 2008 we have 18 room, and now 22 room, the Phouiu Guest House and Restaurant just one place many company tour in Laos who would like to visit Muang Sing booking, so I know exactly how to service.

Thank you for choosing our service

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