Location & People in Muang Sing

Muang Sing District is located in Luang Namtha’s far northwest bordering Myanmar and China’s Yunnan province with historic Muang Sing Town as its administrative and economic centre. Its landscape is predominantly mountainous with elevation ranging between 540 to 2,094 meters, traditionally dominated by forest and upland swidden farming.

The rainy season lasts from May to October. The weather turns cool and dry from November to February with temperatures dropping as low as 5°C at night. In this time winter woolies will be needed in the morning and evening. March and April are the hottest months, with the mercury approaching 40°C. The average temperature is 25 °C.

Muang Sing has a total population of 23,500 inhabitants, spreading over 95 villages. Muang Sing is a traditional Tai Lue, Tai Neua and Akha cultural nexus, as well as a trade center for Tai Dam, Hmong, Mien and Lolo. The most common groups are Akha accounting for about half of the residents followed by Tai Lue accounting for 30%. While Akha primarily inhabit upland areas, Tai Lue villages are some of the province’s oldest continuously inhabited settlements in the northern reaches of the Muang Sing valley.

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