Muang Sing Heritage Tour

Once ruled by Tai Lue people you will find 24 temples and monasteries in the Sing Valley within easy reach from Muang Sing town. You can easily explore them by bicycle or motorbike. Here, Buddhist vats are constructed in the Tai Lue style and characterized by low sloping roofs supported by large wooden posts and thick cement or whitewashed plaster walls. In the past these structures were covered with locally-produced terracotta roof tiles but most of the temples have today been renovated using non-traditional materials such as corrugated iron roofing and cement and latex paints.

Of historic significance is That Xieng Tung, built in 1792 by the widow of the late ruler of Xieng Khaeng. Today the stupa is highly revered by Tai Lue Buddhists throughout the region and is believed to contain the Adam’s-apple of the Lord Buddha. To the left of the stupa is a stone stairway that leads to a sacred fountain and a sacred stone. If you follow the path to the right heading downhill you might be able to find the old moat and wall that used to surround the site.

The biggest festival of the year, Boun That Xieng Tung, is held here every year during the full moon of the 12th lunar month (usually November) and attracts a large crowd of people from around the province as well as Tai Lue Buddhists from as far away as Myanmar, China and Thailand.

The stupa is situated on top of a hill 5.5 km from the center of town on the road to Luang Namtha. A dirt road leads up to it on your right as you’re coming from Muang Sing.

Jorm Sing Stupa is a Tai Lue influenced magnificent stupa constructed in 1799 which resembles the That Xieng Khaeng. The stupa is located near Ban Khouang; take the road to Xieng Kok, after 11 km turn left and take the dirt road up to the small hill.

That Xieng Khaeng is another important religious monument in close location to the Mekong Located upstream on a small Mekong peninsula near Ban Xay, that becomes an island in the rainy season, you find That Hin Fou, a Shan style pagoda originally constructed in 1783. Discover these two juwels on a Mekong cruise combined with breathtaking views traveling through Xieng Khaeng’s mountainous landscape. Due to its remote location it is recommended to use a local tour guide. Tours can be booked in Muang Sing town.

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