Local Cuisine

Muang Sing is known for its Khao soi, the most ‘Lao’ of the noodle soups, which literallymeans ‘ricecut’, as the rice noodles are made by cutting a rice pancake into strips with scissors. Kao soi noodles are made in the many Tai Lue and Tai Neua villages. To watch the production try Ban Siliheung, a Tai Neua village, located on the road to Xieng Kok 2 km from the town center.

Bottled and sold in stores, Lao Lao is as much a part of Lao life as beer and wine isto Westerners. Lao lao alcohol is made by fermenting and distilling sticky rice placed in big steel drums. Ban Koum, known for making the best Lao whisky in Muang Sing, is a good place to see how it is produced. Ban Koum is located off the road to Luang Namtha 4 km from the center of town.

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