Community-based Ecotours in Muang Sing

Muang Sing offers a wealth of opportunities for travelers who long for adventure and authentic cultural discovery in small groups with low impact. Tour programs available range from moderate day walks or gentle bike trips through the villages and rice fields to strenuous four-day trekking and biking adventures, which will not only give the villagers a significant additional source of income, but will also be contributing directly to preserving local wildlife, forests and cultural heritage.

All community-based tourism activities and attractions have been established with the consent and involvement of the villagers, tourism officials and in partnership with commercial tour operators. The tour circuits and home stays have been designed to allow communities to maximize the socio-cultural, environmental and economic benefits of tourism while managing negative impacts. A portion of income generated by the treks goes to village development and conservation funds to ensure fair distribution among community members involved.

Trained and certified district and village guides are an important part of the tour. They explain the lives, beliefs and traditions of the local people and bridge cultures between communities and foreign visitors. The local tour operators provide pre-departure orientations to their guests on safety, what to expect and how to behave in a culturally sensitive way when they visit villages.

The following programs provided by Phou Iu Bungalows:

  • One day bicycle tours around the Sing valley where you will learn about livelihood systems, traditional clothing, handicrafts and distinguished food of Muang Sings’ different ethnic groups.
  • One day cultural tours by tuk tuk around Sing and Long to explore ethnic culture and livelihoods.
  • Forest camps and village homestays (lodge/family)
  • 2-7 day adventure tours to Akha/Lue villages in the mountains of Xieng Khaeng and the upper Mekong (trekking, boating)
  • 1-4 day trekking tours in the Nam Ha protected area or up mountains, through forests and agricultural areas around Muang Sing

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