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Trekking in Muang Sing

Golden Triangle Trek

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Trip Overview Moderate level trek leads into the highest mountains of Xieng Khaeng Region “the old town of Muang Sing kingdom” close to the Myanmar border, where you enjoy the stunning views on the surrounding mountains. You will visit Akha villages before descending to a Tai Lue settlement at the Mekong River. On a, Read More

Trip Overview Start in the morning by 4 Wheel Drive to a stunning region where higher more than 1,800 meter from the sea level, visit Akha villages that still keep their tradition, culture and way of life. Stay with Akha family nearby the Mekong River. Day 2 ride a slow boat up the Mekong, Read More

Trip Overview Steep trek up the mountain of Golden Triangle visit remote ethnic minority groups of Akha and Tai Lue villages where Laos-China-Myanmar border, they are still keep their culture and traditional, enjoy the stunning views on the surrounding mountains and Mekong River, first night stay overnight at the traditional Tai Lue house and, Read More

Trip Overview Chao Fa mean King. The King of Muang Sing use the trail to govern this area. The trek will lead you visit traditional of Tai Lue located on the bank of the Mekong River, visit Akha villages located on the higher mountains in Golden Triangle “Laos-Myanmar-China”, they are still keep their culture, Read More

Trip Overview 5 days trek in the northern of Laos are available in the Xieng Khaeng Region (the old kingdom of Muang Sing). This area just opened for tourists, the ethnic minority villages you visited mainly Akha and Tai Lue, they are still very traditional. Enjoy an hour on a slow boat up or, Read More

Trip Overview Explore the colourful of authentic ethnic minority groups, enjoy stunning view, mountain landscape in the GOLDEN TRIANGLE “Laos-Myanmar-China” northern of Laos. All ethnic villages “mainly Akha and Tai Lue” they are still keep their culture & traditional. Enjoy an hour on a slow boat on the Mekong River and visit the old, Read More